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Default Re: Should the Raptors have drafted Andre Drummond?


Sorry to open an old thread but this article really tells us a lot about what could have been. I cant even imagine what a forecourt of Drummond and Val would have done to other teams.


Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons

The key for players considered to be long-term projects is to find simple ways to stay on the floor. It doesn’t take much; when a team and coach have a vested interest in a player’s development, a few basic skills can go a long way toward validating potential playing time. For some, it may be converting open jumpers. For others, displays of pure effort. For Drummond, his instant validation comes through his rebounding — an area of the game in which the 6-foot-10 center is performing at an elite rate, as only two NBA players have posted higher overall rebounding percentages. He’s earned his ticket to more playing time through that kind of display alone, and now it’s on Pistons coach Lawrence Frank to afford Drummond with even more opportunities to play, produce and grow.

And boy, is there a lot of room for growth. Drummond’s about as raw as a reasonably productive player can be, and the few post moves he’s attempted have resulted in wild flings in the general direction of the hoop. About a third of Drummond’s field goals have been dunks, and he’s converted only 48 percent of his attempts otherwise — a cut that may seem decent until you consider that 96 percent of Drummond’s shot attempts have come in the deep paint or the low block. He simply struggles in any situation that requires finesse and lacks the kind of touch on his interior attempts that would allow him to score over or around defenders. His rebounding and shot-blocking should buy him plenty of time to settle into his offensive and defensive game (don’t mistake Drummond’s monster block numbers for defensive nuance), but there’s a long road ahead.

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