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Default Re: Who do the Chiefs pick: Matt Barkley or Geno Smith?

Originally Posted by IcanzIIravor
We're talking as the top pick in the draft though. None of the qb's coming out are can't miss guys like RG3 and Luck so you try to trade down, if you can and if not I'd go with the top guy overall like a Jarvis Jones or someone else rated higher than these qb's and pick one, as you stated in the 2nd or 3rd round. No sense wasting a top 5 pick on one unless he blows you away in the workouts and interviews.

I understand that but QB's always go top 5 whether they're a risky or sexy pick. It's pretty much common nowadays.

In 2009 Bradford was supposed to be the unanimous #1 pick but he didn't declare and Stafford who was selected #1 was considered to be a risky pick.. It seems that this happens every year where a QB is considered to be a reach but he instead exceeds expectations.

If the Chiefs can trade down and still select Barkley or who ever the top QB is more power to them.
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