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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by kNicKz
1. Uconn football brings in no money compared to basketball, never has, they can barely afford to keep the stadium running. Simple as that, no "bridges were burned" in this decision. It's all business

2. FSU is trying to go to the SEC, Uconn is next in line, then Cincinnati

3. The former athletic director is the one who burned the bridge with Boston College (which supposedly has been mended), who stopped us from joining the ACC years ago, the basketball coach does not make business decisions bro but we don't have bad blood with any of the programs, and most of them (including Louisville) are probably going to vote us in if another team leaves

4. The Big East is far from being the "kiddie table". Uconn, Memphis, Villanova, Georgetown, Marquette, and Cincinnati are all teams that you see regularly in the rankings. Far stronger than SEC basketball.

5. Boise State is coming for football to replace Rutgers, and in the next 10 years UCONN will be far better at the sport

and Andy Katz... dude is always sniffing up dirt that isn't there

UNRELATED note to UCONN fans: Is anyone else starting to hate Susan Herbst? She graduated from Duke, turned UCONN into a police state, and is ruining our athletics programs

1. And football brings the money. If the ACC cannot compete on the football field, they will fall the same way the Big East fell.

UConn not having a good football program was a major reason why the ACC invited UofL. They needed to placate FSU and Clemson by trying to compete on the football field.

2. FSU to the SEC will never happen. Florida would never allow it. FSU to the B12 is the only hope.

3. Like I said, Katz reported he burned bridges. And yes, both your former and current AD are inept.

4. Yes, the Big East is the kiddie table when it comes to money and TV contracts. Basketball doesn't make the bucks. It won't survive. I could see the basketball only schools merging with the A10 perhaps.

5. Boise State is not coming to save the day. The Big East will be negotiating a new TV contract soon, and without hefty financial backing, the league will crumble. Right now, the Big East is paying out about $3 million compared to the B1G who is paying out about $24 million per school a year. Can't compete.

6. Yes, she is an inept AD.
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