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Default Re: Bad lost to the Pacers. Sigh

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Yeah, but would you agree with me that coaches make hundreds of decisions from the preparation (1-2 days back) to the game time adjustments etc?
If yes, then my problem with most of your sentiments is that I hardly read any posts from you giving credit to coaches when they win but ultimately blame them when they make a few questionable decisions which btw sometimes are aided with our hindsight.

If you sat and watched a game with me you would know it had nothing to do with hindsight, I have a knack for knowing what is going to happen before it does. I sat there and told people that someone was going to blow past Pau for the game winning layup and Hill should be in the game. I was going nuts about it and then it happened. I do this on a regular basis.....even when the Lakers blew that 24 point lead in the Finals against Boston, I called The Lakers were in celebration mode, guys were all smiles and giddy.....2 things happened, they started taking glory shots thinking it would have no effect if they missed AND stopped playing defense because with a big lead what harm would a basket or 2 do. Of course it becomes a huge opening to an opponent and once that momentum shifts it's extremely hard to get it back against a powerful opponent. As a coach, I have always taught my players to turn up the intensity and defense even more with a big lead and push to keep building it until it is impossible for them to overcome in the final teams flat out never ever blow leads, there is blood in the water and we are sharks, that is how I coach.

As for praising coaches, who.....Mike Brown? 'Antoni? Please call me when a worthy coach arrives to comment on.
I try not to praise opposing coaches.....I certainly like their work but am generally not happy about them beating us so why talk about that

As far as the comment that keeping Pau in as a lesson......maybe I missed how a brainless non-coaching 101 decision teaches anyone anything is of help to a team. Pau is a bad defender and is suffering from knee problems.......he's likely on his way out so what was to be gained????
I will be watching to see if 'Antoni can do smart things on defense, so far NO....but I will not really bash him unless the trend continues.

Lakerfreak you are absolutely right.....don't ever leave the gym without 10 straight free throws

I am a firm believer that how a team plays and conducts themselves is a reflection of the coach and the program.
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