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Default Re: I would only keep 6 memebers of this current roster

Originally Posted by brwnman
I would only keep Valanciunas. Everyone else is expendable depending on the return.

I like Lowry enough to not give him away for free. Terrence Ross can develop into a solid rotation player, but obviously not what you'd expect to get in a tank year. The mistreatment of Ed Davis is mind-boggling.

Other than those four, everyone else can go. I do see us losing Ed Davis for nothing though...
I agree and I wouldn't be averse to eventually trading Lowry either. If a new GM comes in, I hope that a proper rebuild would be the plan. In that scenario, is there really any point to keeping a good player in his late 20's (at that point) like Lowry on the roster? He'd probably be more valuable as a trade asset in 2 years when the team is rebuilding. Also in that scenario, Valanciunas is absolutely the only keeper on this roster based on talent and contracts.
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