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So basically (I was gonna post it but then thought it's not really worth the time or effort) I heard/read that the reason BC gave for giving Demar that contract was because according to him there will be 10 teams on the market with significant cap space. And that more or less because of that he's scared to end up in a bidding war with one of them and risk losing one of our "cornerstone" players. Pretty much seems like the same reasons why he offered Bargs that massive contract before he became a FA.

As I thought about it, the truth of the matter is he could be right. Teams love to look at numbers more than impact. A guy puts up good scoring numbers and GM's and scouts from opposing teams get a boner and throw money at them. I'm not sure if the contract would've been quite that large but it's possible he could've gotten something close to that amount. But the real question is on his status as a corner stone player. I consider him a very solid player and probably even a starter on a fair amount of teams, but not someone to overpay due to being too risky to lose him. I personally on this team would only for sure want to keep Val. On a 3-13 team that hasn't made the playoffs in the past 4 seasons nobody should be considered a cornerstone. Especially not guys who have been there for each of those losing seasons (Bargs, Calderon, Derozan, Amir)
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