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Default Am I allowed to say "I told you so"?

Because If anyone bothered to read my posts about Jeff Taylor, my old teammate from the youth national team of Sweden, you'd know that I was really high on him before the draft and also after the draft.

He's currently proving that he's a damn fine baller, really glad that he even made it this far but he always stood out big time so it's not a big surprise. Even when we had a camp like 8 years ago and we were the best players in our age group in Sweden he just slaughtered everyone, he was crazy.

He wasn't as tall back in the days though, he was just some above average but then he grew damn much but even if he wouldn't be as tall he'd still be damn good, he is really athletic. He was doing crazy dunks at age 14, I could dunk easily back then too and so could alot of other players in our age group who played for the NT but he was something else, he was throwing down nasty dunks and he wasn't even that tall, but still he was slamming it in every other kids face.

And I've watched a couple of Bobcats games this season due Jeff being there and the team looks really fine, at least when you think about the fact that they were the worst team by far last season.

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