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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by jazz873
I understand that Alex Smith got screwed over i just don't understand why 49ers fans are acting like they want to see Kaepernick fail.

Because Alex Smith has led us to 20 something wins these past two seasons, because after 7 years of getting ****ed over by incompetent coaches he turns it around, because he was putting up elite numbers.

I love the way the media is taking this. They seem to think Alex is a statue in the pocket where he's one dimensional while Kaep gives the niners offense an extra weapon. Smith is athletic, Smith likes to scramble as well, he ran a 4.7 40, he's no Kaep when coming to athleticism but he doesn't rely on scrambling like Kaep. Once NFL defenses contain that pocket he will struggle. It's only a matter of time as almost every athletic QB has been neutralized(Vick, Young, Tebow, even Cam, etc)

Did the Packers consider benching Rodgers after Flynn threw 6 TD's in his one start last year?
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