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Default Re: Raps Land Pietrus

Originally Posted by Chamberlain

I mean, losing McGuire for Pietrus is an upgrade for sure, I just don't see the purpose it serves.
Desperation move. One thing that BC has remained consistent on in his tenure here is that when things get bad his ultimate willingness to make 1 of 2 kind of moves when things aren't going right:

1. Grab a player out of the bargain bin (waivers, FA, D-League, Europe, Random Park outside, Harlem Globe Trotters).

2. Make a minor trade for a bench/role player.

If it's a medium level low risk/low reward move BC will be on it like white on rice. But to anyone with a brain and some common sense, this isn't a team that needs minor tweaks. Either give us a complete overhaul or leave it alone and let us get someone good in the draft (and hopefully a new GM) in the process.
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