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Default Re: Dennis Rodman on the 2nd three-peat Bulls was so overrated

Originally Posted by andgar923
LIke others have mentioned, what he brought can't be measured with stats.

Having said thatů.

While his opposition played well against him, he used to take them out of their game from time to time (not always). He made them work hard. But he wasn't a defensive stopper.

It will sound very harsh for some reading, but one can even argue that he was a glorified role player (see Haslem). His size didn't aid in his defensive impact, but his toughness did intimidate some players from driving to the lane. But it still isn't as a 7 footer that's standing there even if they don't necessarily block shots.

Some have alluded to this, and I usually say that it is MJ's greatest yet most overlooked achievementů.

He won 6 rings without a dominant big man. That's a huge deal which should get praised more.
When Haslem gets DPOY or a rebounding title compare those guys.
No wait. Just when Haslem gets an All-Star team. A 2nd string NBA Defensive Team. Oh wait.
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