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Default Re: Adele's album 21 is now DIAMOND!!!

I think touring is a huge factor in fan support of country and rock artists. Whenever I talk about music to people who like country or certain bands, they always bring up concerts or festivals they've seen their fav artists play. It's never really just about albums and songs. I've talk to chicks who dig country and they always bring up CountryFest. I'll talk to some dude about a band and he'll say, "Yeah, I saw them at _______ a few years ago." Etc...

I think touring is key for garnering loyalty and fan support. I've traveled to Canada to see a show before. It's part of rock and country culture.

In hip-hop, nobody really tours for long extended time. They always release new singles and new album as soon as possible.

Good music is timeless. Soak it all in slowly. Enjoy every aspect of it. On wax, at live shows. No need to rush to the next big thing.

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