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I disagree! People forget that when Eddy and Tyson were last together..the Bulls had the 3rd best record in the Eastern Conference. The media was ripping Eddy at the time and Tyson was the favored of the two. He had a horrible year last year yet STILL averaged over 9 boards a game. He will do great with the Hornets for YEARS to come. He's nothing close to the guys that they drafted. He's 7'1" and can run like a deer. I hate to see him leave Chicago. Even while he had a terrible year he still addressed the media like a pro. He doesn't cause problems or get into trouble. He had HUGE plays that led to that great season with Eddy by his side. Not many guys make huge defensive plays like he does. Last year he learned a lot with Eddy gone and that will carry over to next year. He will do great for them...EVERYONE will see!
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