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Default Re: Where Americans are moving to. Guess what state has 3 of the top 5?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
Oh you are right, Cali is definitely racist and one of the most conservative states. But i think you're thinking of diversity or how segregated things are, not racism. But Cali is the one place that has a piece of every other place. You don't have to be from Cali to find a place in Cali that makes you feel at home.

I'm sure its mostly ignorance though when i feel like Texas is a spooky place where everyone is a little too honest about their dislike for other races.
If you literally picture it as a place where lynchings happen and we all tote around guns like the Wild West, then YES that is ignorance

Dallas is the 5th largest city in the country...and as you can see from the OP, it is composed of millions of people from all over.

I believe 53% of the Texas population today is made up of people that were not born in Texas...last I remember
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