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Default Re: Where Americans are moving to. Guess what state has 3 of the top 5?

Originally Posted by FillJackson
When slandering another state for its ignorance, you may want to avoid making stupid mistakes of your own.

Yeah, typos never occur on the internet.

I told myself i'd never move to any state that that consistently votes republican. Maybe long ago a republican vote didn't mean you were racist, but it definitely means that today (or at the least just ignorant), unless of course 99% of the population in Texas are millionaires. But i doubt that, so why are a bunch of middle and poor people consistently voting for republicans.

CA has plenty racism and ignorance of its own, but i can't imagine its on Texas' level. Isn't Texas the place where they are (or were) voting to stop teaching evolution in schools. I do remember there being something about them editing textbooks or something of that nature.

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