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Default Re: Where Americans are moving to. Guess what state has 3 of the top 5?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
Yeah, typos never occur on the internet.

I told myself i'd never move to any state that that consistently votes republican. Maybe long ago a republican vote didn't mean you were racist, but it definitely means that today (or at the least just ignorant), unless of course 99% of the population in Texas are millionaires. But i doubt that, so why are a bunch of middle and poor people consistently voting for republicans.

CA has plenty racism and ignorance of its own, but i can't imagine its on Texas' level. Isn't Texas the place where they are (or were) voting to stop teaching evolution in schools. I do remember there being something about them editing textbooks or something of that nature.

Dude just stop. You sound like a child.
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