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Default Re: Where Americans are moving to. Guess what state has 3 of the top 5?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
I'm sure much of my sentiment is ignorant, i never disputed that. I haven't lived there, but i have family that does, and most of my family that lives in CA came from Texas.

But when i read news online of how they actively pursue editing textbooks to favor republican principals or what the church wants taught, that is definitely not something that makes me think its a go-to place to raise a family.

I think how the majority of a state votes is a pretty good indicator of how a majority of the people think. Its not really difficult to understand. If a candidate stands for bunch of things and reflects certain characteristics that may be anti-anyone not white or rich, and the majority of a state votes in favor of that person, maybe as a non-white and not rich person, i don't want to move to some place whose most likely to vote for policies that don't favor me.

like longhornfan said (good buddha, i can't believe i'm agreeing with him) austin, dallas, houston, and san antonio all voted for obama. unless you wanna move out to the boonies, then it's very doubtful that you will be surrounded by right wing zealots.
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