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Default Re: Illini thread. Feel free to delete, Jeff or anyone else, if I'm the only one left.

Yes Illinois fan here! I am happy with the way we've been playing but we also started like this last year so I'm not going to get too excited yet.. things that have impressed me so far tho is.. the way Groece gives the team freedom to play on the offensive end, BP3 finally being more assertive/composed on the offensive end altho I'm sure a lot of that has to to with groece giving them more freedom but BP3 is finally taking the reigns and that's promising to see. Three players besides BP3 that I have been impressed so far is tyler griffey, bertrand, and abrams. Those three guys are playing with a lot more confidence. I was never a fan of bertrand and altho it was just one game.. he really shined in that georgia tech game and if he can play half of what he did in that game the entire season that would be huge.

Couple of things that I'm concerned with tho are the inside play. We're very small on the interior altho we have the athletes to run to offset this, it will be very difficult style to play once the big ten season begins. Also I think we're relying on the 3 too much, not if but when we're not knocking them down teams will drill us if we don't attack the basket. Abrams seems like our best penetrator right now and that kinda scares me.

I honestly didn't know anything about Groece coming in but he seems like a good fit, I like his energy and intensity and he seems to have everybody's eyes and ears which weber didn't seem to have last year. I see this team gelling come march and should be able to make some noise then.
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