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Default Re: why has the NBA gone pu$$ified over the years?

Originally Posted by cranincu
You might be legit stupid. You guys talk like this league is soft when you guys are enabling the same softness. Just look at the topic on the Rondo fight; everyones all "smh what a bitch" when he's trying to enforce on his team and KG is tripping Humphries and stuff. It's this hypocritical thinking and cognitive dissonance that perpetuates the 'soft league' idea when Z-Bo and Dwight are throwing players like ragdolls under the rim, screens are being set harder, elbows are thrown more, bodies are pushing more bodies. Damn, just like last week Dwight drops 'accidental' elbows on Asik and makes him look like he was cut up like Rocky in the movies and removes him from the game for a half; yet no one talks about this. Just because there aren't fists doesn't mean shit isn't physical. Your tender body would be worked like veal in today's NBA, you goon.

The defense that the Celtics played against Kobe in the finals and the defense the Pistons played against Lebron in their series are ignored completely when you talk about stars whining about everything. And then you bitch boys will cite Jordan Rules like you have credibility when you didnt even live through that shit. And you're saying "weak a$$ calls" like each team in the NBA in the 70s to 90s didnt shoot 40 fts a game.

It's not that the league is soft, it's just that the times change. You dudes are expecting fights to get overblown and assistant coaches to jump off the bench with their phone cameras up yelling "World Star, World Star" or some shit

So I might be legit stupid but you're the one throwing everyone in the same bag along with me?

See me comment on that whole Rondo scuffle?

You must be some little ignorant kid thinking everything you say its a fact. GTFOH, if you really saw NBA back then and now you see the difference. Just look at some of this:

Stuff like that was regular back then. If that happened today it would be suspensions, ejections and fines all around. Look at a superstar like Bird getting hit with a hook then just getting up like let's keep balling, D-Wade cries to the refs everytimes he gets touched.

Look at you remembering stuff from last week, back then stuff like that was so regular you couldn't even be specific about the time it happened or with whom.
Comparing today's screens and fouls to the ones back then? , you must be really dumb thinking it's the same, you don't even know what you're talking about.

Check some league averages, Pace is at around 92 right now, it was around 105 in the 70's, FTA's are around 25 in the past years, and around 28 back then. That basically kills your own point.

Bringing flawed arguments then calling me bitch boy, you little ignorant kid.

Plus anyone that has ever played basketball know that just simple handchecking helps a lot on D.

Don't need to sugarcoat it, everyone who knows what they're talking about can confirm that the league is soft right now, mostly to enhance stars and highlights like dunks or such, help perimeter players, lets more drives/dunks happen... And I'm not talking about fights, but let more physicality like it's supposed to be.

Edit: BTW is asdf1990 your alternate account or just you little boyfriend, for you to come out so offended and angry after my reply to him/you?

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