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Default Should more teams do what the Spurs did?

I really don't mind it at all and I thought the game was much more entertaining without the Spurs' star players. The bench played great and it also showcased players that we would never see play.

Not only that it brings more cohesion to the team and makes the team more dynamic. The NBA roster is 12 men and half of them rarely see playing time. By resting players we get to see everyone play on the roster. Some say it might be bad for the competitive nature of the game but I disagree. With the added rest to star players it would make it interesting.

Since the schedule is already long and boring, we can have a team of Kobe, Pau and Dwight and the next game it could be Nash, Metta, Dwight....etc...etc...

With the Spurs' talent it's just a sad that half those dudes don't get playing time. Which makes it impossible to happen.

The downfall to this idea? Casual fans would lose interest and ticket sales would be down.
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