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Default Re: why has the NBA gone pu$$ified over the years?

I singled you out because you're post was by far and large the most dumbass post. I'll throw everyone in the same bag when they think the same way that the league is soft because that's grade school as hell. You're the generation that searches youtube clips and reflects back on those 30 second clips saying "Damn, why isn't the game like this!" You're deluded by clips of greatness that you form dissonance on reality; you even included a damn bad boy Rodman video like "Hell yeah mother****er, this is what happened every single day." It's an embarrassment. Fun fact, Rodman was suspended and fined a shitload of money for his hard fouls. 20 years from now, kid's will be looking back on 2000s hard fouls (Fisher on Scola, Smith on Griffin, Westbrook on Lebron, etc) and say the same damn thing about how the league is soft.

I find it funny you're saying that pace kills the whole free throw argument when Pace and FTA don't correlate to each other AT ALL (e.g recent highest pace suns were last in free throw attempts) Why don't you look at FT/FGA kid? Are ratios too hard for your teenage mind to comprehend? Is the education system failing your simple ass? I mean how can anyone take you seriously when one of your arguments is legitimately "Look at you remembering stuff from last week, back then stuff like that was so regular you couldn't even be specific about the time it happened or with whom." Do you know how dumbass that is? Probably not. I ain't even angry, I just find it hilarious. Also, go add some more smiley faces on your essays about huck finn and 1984 son.
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