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Default Re: Ricky Rubio not as bad in Euroleague as you have been lead to believe

Originally Posted by Partizan
To be honest I never really liked Rubio, always felt like he would be known as choker in his career...
But his last season in NBA made me to start liking him... There is no basketball fan who didn't enjoy seeing him play last year...
It is obvious that NBA style of play suits him better, he has no outside shot and with congested space in Euroleague due to no defensive 3 seconds, he was never really able to score efficently. Main reason for his sub par last season in Europe is that all teams started sagging off him, his defender was closing his passing lanes and he had no space to operate as he was unable to penetrate or score from the outside consistently.
It will be interesting to see will NBA teams change their D to counter him and how he will react to it...

Precisely. That's all I ever said here, and for that I have been branded as a "Ruibio hater" by the extreme hardcore wing of the NBA only fans that would attack whenever the thought of a player doing better in NBA than he could do in Euroleague gets mentioned.

But yes, it's exactly right. I said all along that I have nothing against Rubio. He's obviously a good and talented player and very fun to watch. I simply said he is a liability on offense if teams sag off him and make him a scorer and close on his passing lanes.

It simply took Euroleague teams awhile to figure it out, and the same with NBA. Maybe NBA teams will never figure it out, who knows right now. But if they do, then he will struggle without being able to finish his shot.

It's nothing personal against Rubio. As I said all along here, he would do better in the NBA because NBA teams would not know how to play him, and because the lane is wide open. Which is why bad Euroleague point guards are regularly going to the NBA and putting up big numbers.

The only issue I have is this bullshit that says Rubio was this great Euroleague player, that le hed his team to a Euroleague championship, that he was the best point guard in Europe, that any time he had a bad game it was because of "how his coach used him", etc.

It's total and complete bullshit. NBA only fans just can't admit that mediocre and even bad Euroleague point guards keep doing well in the NBA. Because then they would have to admit that the NBA is a joke defensively, due to the rules and reffing.

Again, I have nothing against Rubio. He's hell of fun to watch playing in the NBA. But there is no reason for people to lie and create this imaginary fake history where he was tearing up Euroleague, just to keep this fake image of the NBA going.

Really, to be honest about it, seeing what Rubio could do in the NBA after struggling in Euroleague, and seeing what Prigioni can do in the NBA about 5 years past his prime, it really makes me wonder what Papaloukas could have done in the NBA.

He was a similar type of player to them, only he couldn't guard the one position. Worse shooter than Prigioni, and more athletic than Rubio. But still, pretty much the same type of style of player.

Considering though that he was actually better than the other two, it makes me wonder just how much the NBA's zero defense would have been exposed by his passing.

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