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Default Re: why has the NBA gone pu$$ified over the years?

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
Fighting just to fight is just stupid. There is a difference between physical play and just being a dumbass and fighting. Rule changes and making the NBA more like the Euroleague has softened the league. Guys in the older days seemed more competitive and weren't friends on the court. Today's game you have opposing teams chatting, joking, and high fiving each other. Very different. I think Stern/NBA just wanted a more fan friendly NBA. So you have what you have now. I like physical play, but not playing dirty or dumbassery. There is a difference.

Put down the crack pipe. NBA has gotten further and further away from Euroleague in almost each season. Euroleague is precisely like early to mid 90s NBA.

NBA is 50 times softer than Euroleague is.

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