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Default Re: Teletovic : Best or Bust?

Originally Posted by rodman91
I think it's impossible for Avery to like this guy. "Defense" & "Intense" is all Avery Johnson goes crazy about.

Extremely soft & unathletic for PF. I wanna say maybe he'll be good in future but he is already 27 years old. If he understands the offensive flow better and hit those long jumpers he can be Novak type of guy. I don't expect more fromhim at this point.

I'm disappointed. There were some guys with Mirza avatar on ISH. I guess i caught in their hype in early season.
Avery tried to give him a chance in pre-season, he just can't afford to lose games.

I don't think he's that soft or even that unathletic (I've seen some nice dunks), he just is slow and gained too much weight, where he's not carrying it well or shooting well.

I think he needs to be played at the 3 ideally.. Peja/Hedo/Novak style. He will get beat, but at least there will be another line of defense, as opposed to him being a PF.

Age thing I don't pay much mind to.. he's new to the NBA, had to bring over a wife and kids and deal with a hurricane. I don't think he's ready in many ways.
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