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Default Tonight Big Baby took over as my most unlikable player.

First of all, he is complete garbage. The fact that he starts on any team or ever has had more than 15 points in a game is a shame to the game of basketball.

Second of all, he's fat. He's not big boned, he's not hefty, he's ****ing fat.

Third of all, he's one of the most selfish players in the game, and it's utterly unwarranted. He is like that one ball hog on your shitty rec-league team who gives you the stare down when you miss a shot or don't give him the ball. He literally believes that he is something special. He's not.

Fourth of all, Andrew Nicholson needs to start, and this scrub needs to exit the way he came... in a ****ing ice cream truck that doubles as a hearse.
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