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Default Re: In your opinion, how important are offense/defense/rebounding?

Originally Posted by Rubio2Gasol
It depends on the talent you have. Generally I would like to see the team built around a good rim protector and a guard who can both score and create. i'd emphasize ball movement for easy shots and free throw shooting.

On defense I'd emphasize rotations , hedging on pick and rolls, maybe full court press from any guard that's not elite offensively.Then once the shot is up people just need to get position or box out.

Defensive Rebounding is very important, but it's more about the team boxing out getting into good persons than any one person. If you have a great rim protector or post defender, then he should be getting rebounds.

For everyone else it's about getting ideal spacing and boxing out to give yourself the best chance.

I've thought like this for a while, but recently I've entertained the idea of having separate defensive and rebounding specialists for bigs. My problem with this is it puts too much pressure on your point and wings to score, unless one of your bigs can also put the ball in the hole. OKC, Brooklyn, and Golden State (when they get Bogut back) will all be interesting, since they go about team building with bigs in different ways.

Originally Posted by DatAsh
Kareem was an excellent rebounder for much of his career, similar to Shaq. His criticisms stem from the fact that he never really lived up to the standard set by Wilt/Russell, and his battles with Malone later on.

Right...I've heard the same about comparisons and his battles (with Malone and Walton as well). Was it expected purely because of his size/pedigree? He didn't really position himself well for rebounds (rarely do I see him inside the paint on offense, though I haven't really looked closely at his positioning for defensive boards) from what I've seen, but I'm not sure what the exact reasoning was (I need to watch more tape).
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