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Default Re: In your opinion, how important are offense/defense/rebounding?

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
5 - offense
3- rebounding
2- defense

If you can score and rebound, the defense will take care of itself. Not giving a team second chances will take care of the defense for you.

Originally Posted by DatAsh
Hmm, kind of stabbing in the dark

For teams
3 offense 5 defense 2 rebounding

For Bigs
2 offense 5 defense 3 rebounding

For Smalls
7 offense 2 defense 1 rebounding

Originally Posted by TheeBeast
Any one of those three could win a game. But for championships:

3 Offense 4 Defense 3 Rebounding

Originally Posted by CAstill
I disagree.
5 Offense 3 Defense 2 rebounding

Offense is the only thing you can't get beat in if your looking to win
Defense is what creates rebounds
Rebounds don't exist if defense isn't played because people are scoring

You can get out-rebounded and have the opposition play better D
but as long as you beat them in scoring you win.
Obviously you need a balance though.

nice to see some different opinions

if every team was built/played the same way, the league wouldn't be very fun to watch at all
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