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Exclamation Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

For me ... I'd have somethin that covers my whole entire back, neck and legs. I'd have somethin around my forearm too and gloves. From what i've saw, those are the parts that the zombies always go for and it's vulnerable anyway.

-Shouldn't you cover the head too? Zombies don't really go for the head anyways ... unless you're in that situation where they can only get to your head.

Zombies are dumb enough to keep on biting and not realize that they're biting a HARD MATERIAL.

I'd be glad if all those stuffs I suggested goes in RUBBERY TYPE that's really impossible to break through a zombie bite or gunshot. Come to think about it, that's batman right? LOL If not, then does the material of his suit exist in our world?

And of course, i'd have a canteen full of zombie BLOOD.

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