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Default Re: 3-13 = Axe territory
What’s interesting is that Colangelo, while dogged on social media, continues to largely escape blame for being the architect of this miserable situation, even with the team on pace to win even fewer games than last year’s 22.

Even this season, the brunt of the criticism for the team’s inept start has been aimed at Bargnani, the No. 1 pick of a bad draft in ’06, who may be a viable NBA scorer some nights but is less than durable and hardly a franchise player. But little venom seems directed toward Colangelo, until now just another losing executive in a town filled with losing executives.
Things are happening, just not with the Raps. Colangelo tried to do a big deal in the summer but swung and missed on Steve Nash. It was a long-shot attempt to get a bona fide name — an aging one, but a name — in a Raps uniform.

Losing in Memphis to the former Vancouver Grizzlies was just another slap in the face. Vancouver may have failed, but 11 years later the Grizzlies are far ahead of the Raptors as a competitive basketball squad. Their organization is better. It’s not a star-studded squad, but a smart, capable one.

This isn’t a call for Colangelo’s neck. Not yet. This is a young team, and one struggling with a horrible early schedule.

But it is to question how much longer Colangelo can seemingly dance around any and all responsibility for the basketball catastrophe in this city.

Why does the buck never stop there?
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