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Default Re: Am I allowed to say "I told you so"?

Originally Posted by Timmeh
Am I allowed to ask how much of a piece of shit you feel like to know that you played ball with a guy who is now in the NBA and you'

Well, nothing to feel shitty about, the guy was always crazy good and I remember one tournament especially when we played and Jeff was playing for his hometown's team, Norrkoping Dolphins.

His team was terrible and this was before the junior national team call-up so I had only heard about him, never met and talked with him. We had a great team, one of the best teams in Sweden in our age group and his team was terrible. He slaughtered us so badly, we won the game in OT and we were lucky but Jeff put up 40 out of 50 points everyone in the gym was cheering for him and he just couldn't miss. It was obvious that he was going to be something special, there wasn't any doubt and then he grew big time, he wasn't even that tall when we were younger and I guess it helps when your dad is a former NBA player.

Anyway, go Bobcats!
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