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Default Jason Terry shooting very well as a starter

Adjustment has been part of Jason Terry’s career, so his move to the Celtics’ starting lineup and his increased role defensively have been no problem.

In 11 games as a starter, Terry is shooting 53 percent from the field and 41.9 percent from the 3-point line as the Celtics gradually have improved offensively. Terry has impressed coach Doc Rivers with his polished mid-range game, a byproduct, Terry said, of working with all-time great George Gervin.

“Well the mid-range is my layup,” he said before the Celtics faced the Bucks at Bradley Center Saturday night. “It’s something I learned from George Gervin. I work out with him in the summertime and we don’t shoot any 3-pointers. We shoot all 2-point mid-range shots and a lot of time for me it’s about the footwork and, if I do it repetitiously, I’m just as confident in my mid-range as I am my layup.

“I’d much rather settle for the 10-foot, 15-foot shot, and that’s just been a strong suit of mine.”

-- Boston Globe
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