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Default can the raps cash in on their assets?

With the season on the brink so early, wondering what people think BC will do.
Clearly, I think that Calderon and Bargs could net the raps Gasol.
Not sure we really want to go with Pau, I'd rather get draft picks or a solid wing player. Also not too excited to bail the lakers out of their financial mess. I wonder if the lakers would take on Fields instead of Jose.

lowry, Jose
Ross, Anderson
Derozen, Kleiza
Pau, Davis
val, amir

nash, blake/duhon
kobe, Meeks
artest, fields
bargs, jamison
Howard, hill

The raps get rid of Fields, who's contract is not good, and bargs, who most rap fans don't seem to want. The lakers put shooters around howard.

The raps have 2 years with Pau and then can hit the reset button once again. Ross gets to play and derozen moves over the his natural 3 spot, where his lack of shooting is not so magnified.

What do raps think of this trade?
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