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Default Re: 2Pac is alive u better believe me NOW!

Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
Tupac and Biggy were the greatest.

nope, someone already said this, but they're overrated and the best things that happened to their careers were their deaths. Tupac had some good songs, but half of his songs contradicted the other half. So I don't see any of his songs as having a good message because he obviously only did it for the money. He rolled with the flow and wrote rap songs about whatever would sell. I personally think that he wasn't even that good until he teamed up with Dre. Biggie was much more real but still overrated because of his death.

I'm not a huge gangsta rap fan, but Ice Cube and Dre are much better than Tupac and Biggie in my eyes, because they are the masterminds behind the music and have just as much flow behind their raps as Pac or Biggie...
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