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Default Re: can the raps cash in on their assets?

Bokes, I was thinking of something similar, but the guy I had in mind was millsap.
bargs for milllsap with us giving something else as well. I like it because I feel like Paul would be more likely to want to play in T.O.

I also like it because he can play alot at the 3 spot as well as the 4. It helps solve some our problems at the 3 and the 4, plus opens up more time for davis. . But I would be reluctant to do it if I had to give up ross.
maybe something like millsap and burks for bargs and ross, as I feel like ross has more upside than burks, who seems to have fallen out of favour with the jazz. If we could somehow pull this trade off and keep ross, I'd jump at it right now.
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