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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I don't know. My dad and I have come up with this theory that if you're a young player on a good team not named San Antonio, you're just not going to play...regardless of how good you are. Defense or not defense, there should be no reason why he's only played in 8 of their 14 games. He's too good to be getting DNP's. Avery's had a history of being extra rough on young players. Devin Harris was his whipping boy his entire time in Dallas.
Like I said he's good offensively but matador on D. He played last year out of necessity. I agree with Avery though you play right you get minutes you don't.

Besides he is playing behind JJ and Crash.

Originally Posted by franchize
That would be the dumbest trade I've seen in a minute. Even for Knicks standards that's stupid. Take on Tyrus Thomas' contract, Loul Deng's contract and leave a gaping whole in your 4 spot? That would be ridiculous. I'd rather deal with Amare than that.

And Clutch is right...Bleacher Report is a hackjob site.
Actually Tyrus is a 4. Deng and Tyrus contract expires in 2 years and Stat we would be stuck for 3 more years.

But its a silly rumor anyway!
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