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Default Taj Gibson finding his stride

"(Thibodeau's) a realist, but he understands I put in the work," Gibson said. "Honestly, I put in so much work and sometimes it's frustrating because you feel like you should make every shot. The way you practice every day you go so hard and you want to do good for your team, not only for yourself but ... it was frustrating, it was really frustrating but Tom just tells me to keep pushing, just keep staying the course and eventually (the numbers) will go back. I got good teammates that tell me that every time. Just keep staying the course and there's going to be ups and downs. It's up to you to get yourself out of it. Nobody's going to feel (bad for you). I don't feel sorry for myself, I don't expect anyone else to feel sorry for me. I just go out there and do my job, I'm a pro."

-- ESPN Chicago
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