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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by JMT
I like NIU-FSU. Non-AQ teams are 5-2 in BCS bowls, and one of those losses when Boise was pitted vs TCU.

FSU thought they were going to be in the national title mix, so their season is a disappointment. NIU is ecstatic to have a chance to prove they belong.

Bowl games are often decided more by who wants it than who has the most blue chip recruits.

BTW, the QB from NIU is a player.

Oh come on dude. You really go balls deep with this underdog non-AQ bullshit.

They lost to Iowa dude. A bottom of the barrel Big 10 team. They don't belong. You had a case with Boise St all those years but you're wrong on this one. Sure they may have a chance against Fla St. They're an ACC team but NIU doesn't belong in a BCS bowl. You can't complain about the system and then support a move like this. It's hypocritical.
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