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Default Re: Raptors blogger quits

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
If Colangelo gets an extension, I'm out too. Seriously. At least until he has nothing to do with the franchise anymore.
I don't blame you. I've been hanging by a thread as a Raptors fan since 2009. But I already got to the point where I don't hang off every Raptors game like I used to. I catch them when i'm free, when I miss it i'm cool with it. If Val and Lowry weren't on the team this year it'd be just like last year for me where I watched less than 10 games and only a couple from beginning to end. Just like it says in the article, it's not the record or the team being bad that makes me pissed about this team. It's how accepting they are of a losing culture. The front office needs to be wiped, and then 90% of the players have got to go as well. I for one don't like marinating in fail sauce either.
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