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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Posterize u dbag you were there?

What's weird about it? It's 2012 not 1992. When you go to games, tailgate you meet strangers you don't know that you communicate with. What's different with meeting folks you post with on a msgboard? Folks do damn near everything online. If Marlo was in your city and said he would pay you the money he owes would you be all scared "this is weird. Like what do I say? Man this is awkward, ewwwww".

I know, right? U told me ur seat so I walked down in MY STADIUM at halftime to say what's up. Ended up gettin me amazing seats for whole second half down there a section over where u were. Why wouldn't I come say what's good?

We've been talkIn trash and battling it out on here for 4 years. Why would I be afraid to shake ur hand? Lmao there's a mutual respect I think, so it was cool to say what's good? if u makin the trip to our two teams matching up
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