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Default Re: Going to try Thai out any suggestions?

Originally Posted by GOBB
What are some of ur fav spots to eat at?

I don't really go out to eat much in NYC because of the price. I usually stay in Jersey City /Hoboken/Newark. But when I do go out in NYC I just do junk food unless it is a special occasion.

-smith and wollensky - good steakhouse chain with a nice feel.
-houstons - has a really nice atmosphere as well. good for a date.

Places I like really like to go to are:

- Rice to Riches.
- Shake Shack
-Minamoto Kitchoan - really good Japenese pastry shop. If you are in the area definately try this.
- Bleeker Street Pizza or John's

As far as bbq...virgils is very overrated. someone talked me into going twice and I was far from impressed.
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