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Default Kobe wants more from Dwight -- especially free throws, of course

Bryant more clearly placed blame for the loss on Howard, who shot 9 for 21 on free throws officially following in Shaquille O'Neal's footsteps because no Laker had missed more than he made from the line with at least 20 attempts since O'Neal's final Lakers season in 2004.

Bryant's explanation for the Lakers' loss right off the bat postgame: "We continued to miss a lot of the easy ones." Bryant referred to "the easy ones" over and over. Soon enough, he went from implying blame to applying the vice.

"The pressure's on me and Dwight to perform really well," Bryant said. "We pick up for everybody else's mistakes, whenever it may be. He and I have to perform at a really, really high level night in and night out."

About those free throws Howard is making 46.5 percent of the time this season or less often than Bryant's 48.9 percent on field goals with actual plays, defenders and stuff Bryant was also motivating Howard.

-- OC Register
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