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Default Re: NYC food suggestions

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Nice. Bookmarking for my next NYC trip.

For other NYC tips, I recommend
and as resources. Chowhound as a Manhattan board and an outer borough board.

Looking at Serious Eats, I forget to mention another NYC meal you might not be able to find elsewhere, the Vietnamese bahn mi sandwich. They are so freaking good. French bread, mayo, cold cuts, pate, or other meats, fresh cumcumber, carrots, cilantro. Great mix of French and Asian (Vietnam was a French colony for years.) I like this place Baoguette, but especially if you are in Chinatown you can find others.

Also Rufus if you are visting during the week, the best, best way to eat at some of the best restaurants is to go for lunch. You will need reservations for these.

I've to this prix fixe lunch and it was ridiculous. Crazy high service, amazing food. Unless I was really splurging, I would not be able to eat here for dinner, it's a four-star restaurant.

Also great article for visitors

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