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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Here's the problem with Kap that I think we all recognized:

The knock on Alex is that he can't win games (even though he's proven that he can), and that he manages games (again... some stigma things left over), but it is his strength that he doesn't lose games.

Kap, we thought, still has the possibility of doing that, and that's exactly what happened yesterday. And he didn't do what he's out there to do which is make the big plays Alex supposedly can't.

Once that cooled down it was going to be up to Kap to know how to make the right throws, make them good, and not lose the game. Now he has had two great mentors, and I am fully confident in his ability to eventually turn the corner. But it's not a magic trick, this shit takes time. And we have a possible SB team that can't risk the time needed.

It's further complicated by the fact that if he switches back again without a clearly severe cause (injury/absolute shit play) then the controversy is really on, and that could ruin things too. Harbaugh has put himself in a box, and I think it was poor, short sighted management the way this has all been handled.

If Kap finishes out the season Alex is gone. So then the question is... to where?
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