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Default Re: Who is "YOUR" Joker?

Originally Posted by Dragonyeuw
Money23 I meant to ask you earlier, what's your top 10 superhero films? Am I right in assuming you have the Dark Knight at the top?
I can do a list with Nolan's TDK trilogy or w/o TDK trilogy.

TDK and RISES, even though they use comic book characters, themes and plots ... they aren't totally confined to the "superhero film" genre and it's cliches. TDK is a crime drama, and RISES is a disaster / war film.

For mainstream comic book characters, in cinematic adaptations. No graphic novel films like Watchmen, 300, V for Vendetta?

With Nolan's Trilogy, Top Ten:

1) The Dark Knight
3) Batman Begins
4) Iron Man
5) Blade
6) Batman 1989
7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8) Superman: TM
9) Ang Lee's HULK
10) The Shadow

Without Nolan's Trilogy:

1) Iron Man
2) Blade
3) Batman 1989
4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5) Superman: TM
6) Ang Lee's HULK
7) The Shadow
8) Dick Tracy
9) Rocketeer
10) Hellboy
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