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Default Re: who will win ROY this year? and DROY?

Luck has probably been the most clutch quarterback in the league.

He was playing a pretty brutal game yesterday....but then he gave us the plays when we asbolutely needed them near the end.

Luck is also asked to be THE offense with a sketchy line blocking for him. So of course he's going to be making more mistakes, have a worse passer rating, etc.... I don't remember a rookie QB coming into the league who has been asked to shoulder near as much as Luck has.

Luck has almost 200 more passes attempted than Wilson and RG3.

As with all stats, they're subjective.....quarterback rating will not favor someone like Luck who is asked to throw that many times with a sketchy line. He doesn't have a running game to rely on to get him in the redzone, then throw a touchdown to dramatically spike his rating. He has to throw and throw and throw to get down there, and YPA is a pretty significant part of quarterback rating.

It's not like you can compare either Russell's or RG3's situation to Lucks. If their respective teams asked them to throw 45 times a game, you would see their yardage go up and quarterback rating down.

Luck is 6th in the league in ESPN's Total QBR, FYI.

All things considered, Luck deserves it based on how the voters have voted in the past on such awards. If it was specially who has played the best, RG3 would win hands down.
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