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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by kentatm

they bought all of 850 tickets out of 3,500 for their final trip to Kyle Field last year. Waco is about 90 miles from College Station.

they have a tarp in their endzone that covers several thousand seats and they havent taken it off in years.

this year when they beat #1 Kansas State at home, the attendance was listed at 38K. Their stadium seats 50K if they take off the tarp.

last year, in one of if not their best seasons ever, they failed to fill their stadium to capacity even once.

Almost all of their biggest attendance numbers are from when A&M and Texas have games there.

I went to the Baylor vs. A&M game in 2010. It was at Baylor. I think I got tickets the day before the game with a couple of sad. We are their Super Bowl. Now they have no rivalry.

And then we whooped that ass. A&M took up one side of the entire arena and the other side was at least 60/40 in favor of Baylor. They're some of the most delusional fans out there. They have a good three weeks and think their offense can take on any SEC team out there. Pretty sad.

I drove and I forgot I had front light out. Cops were all over my ass on the drive back. One cop (second time we got pulled over) was a HUGE dick asking me what I had to drink and all that. And even shined a flashlight in my car (we were wearing aggie gear).

The first cop that pulled us over for it asked us if we won and we said yes and he smiled a little bit.

Got pulled over a third time as well. Ridiculous.

Then they have their best season ever and get a heisman winner and get their ass raped with no lube behind a shed at Kyle Field. And we weren't even that great last year.
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