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Default Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

I am currently watching Breaking Bad. I have a few friends that swear by it. And begged me to give it a shot.

I am 3 seasons deep, and I"m sorry but this show is terrible. So many plot contrivances, so many writing / character inconsistencies. Spotty acting.

And a protagonist that is completely un-likable (as is most of the cast) ... why are people all over this show's tip?

So much overacting, un-intentionally funny characters (the overly loving retarded son) ... I am amazed people consider this show a success. Like most television shows from networks not named HBO, they are horrendously cheesy. Another example: American Horror Story. The show completely sucked.

How dare anyone insinuate this is better than the Sopranos, the Wire, Oz, etc.

If anyone wants to chime in and enlighten me why they consider this series good, please do so.

But also, list something else you consider to be massively overrated. Another one for me is all Marvel Studio movies not the original Iron Man, and especially the Avengers.
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