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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Oh come on dude. You really go balls deep with this underdog non-AQ bullshit.

They lost to Iowa dude. A bottom of the barrel Big 10 team. They don't belong. You had a case with Boise St all those years but you're wrong on this one. Sure they may have a chance against Fla St. They're an ACC team but NIU doesn't belong in a BCS bowl. You can't complain about the system and then support a move like this. It's hypocritical.

Where did I make a case for or against NIU or any team?

Simply said that I'm interested in the matchup, and that bowls like this often end up going to an underdog who carses more about being there.

Not one comment about the BCS or whether a team should/should not have been selected. Wasn't even part of the discussion to which I responded.

Get your panties out of a bunch.
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