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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by kentatm

last time I could bring myself to go to Waco was in 06. Their student section chanted "Aggies suck" all through the National Anthem. By the second quarter, the restrooms on the visitor side had flooded a sea of piss and shit into the concourse area.

I was very happy to be there for their biggest attendance ever as Mike Goodson, Stephen McGee, Javorski Lane, and Martellus Bennett ran all over them dashing their hopes yet again.

Yeah, the last time they beat us it could legitimately be claimed it was a rebuilding year. God we were terrible that year.

Two years ago we went 9-3 and then last year...we were good but just blew it in the second half too many times.

I was on vacation last week in the caribbean and I met this old dude who asked me if I had ever been to Waco (mentioned I was from Texas) and I said, "unfortunately yes. It might be the worst city in Texas."

Dude seemed offended...his niece goes or went to Baylor. He himself never went to Waco and maybe I was being a little bit of a dick but was just being honest. I remember driving through it with my parents on the way to houston and thinking it was a shithole. And this was way before I was an aggie fan.

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