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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

I smell a hipster. To call the acting bad in Breaking Bad is just false. Jessie\Walt might have the best chemistry on screen in TV. Play their characters perfectly. Gus was pretty awesome. Seen people complain about Skylar but really she's doing a great job of acting because she's got the bitch who you hate down to a tee. I'll give you Walt JR but even than I'm pretty sure the dude has a form of that disease in real life, obviously not as severe but plays a pretty believable handicap.

Honestly I'm not that big of a BB fan. Nowhere near as much as most people who want to claim it as the best TV series currently\one of the best all-time. Disagree with that. I can't see how you can deny the acting\writing tho. I get not liking it as much or not even liking the show at all, once you call it "terrible" screams trying to be different.

I like you don't like marvel movies, or even super hero movies in general beside the Dark Night. Just not my cup of tea and like somebody else just mentioned the rankings on IMDB blow my mind. I wouldn't call them terrible tho, because they're pretty well done movies filled with great actors. Hated Iron Man but Robert Downey nailed his character, just wasn't for me.
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