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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
I like you don't like marvel movies, or even super hero movies in general beside the Dark Night. Just not my cup of tea and like somebody else just mentioned the rankings on IMDB blow my mind. I wouldn't call them terrible tho, because they're pretty well done movies filled with great actors. Hated Iron Man but Robert Downey nailed his character, just wasn't for me.
Nolan's movies blow away ANYTHING in the superhero movie genre. TDK meets every bit of it's hype. Begins has flaws, TDKR has flaws. But both those films are still very, very good. TDK is instant classic level greatness.

It's probably the best blockbuster of the decade. It's entertaining, yet very intelligent.

Iron Man was great because of Robert Downey Jr and Jeff Bridges. That's it. The rest of the Marvel Studio films aren't movies, they are commercials for the next film.

On their own merits they are average at best. Iron Man was the only one done with integrity, with a true character arc and resolution. IM 2 was bad, Thor was meh, and CA wasn't good. I don't buy the hype.

And no, not a hipster. Just opinions. Breaking Bad is nothing special, at least as I'm watching it currently. Not a single character is likable on the entire show, for me. Including Walter White. It's ridiculously slow building, and like I said a TON of overacting (mainly the antagonists) and many plot contrivances that scream lazy TV show writing.
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